ProjectBlauw | Working Project-based
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Working Project-based

A biopharmaceutical company executes a large part of their work as projects. For this reason, staff needs to have the required project (management) skills. The basic training courses of ProjectBlauw gave people both in project management roles and people in project team member roles, the understanding of working project based. Furthermore, the practical exercises gave the participants the opportunity to put theory into practice. ProjectBlauw delivered in 2021 and 2020 the Working project-based course for 8 groups and 4 specials (Stakeholder management, Scheduling, Risk & Issue management and Time management). The participants describe the value of the training courses:

  • Trainer: “Prepared, absolutely knows the content, easy explanations, high level of knowledge & quality. Nice person; helpful”, “Very skilled and experienced. He also shared personal examples, which made it easier for the group to be open as well”.
  • Course: “Theory & practical activities combination. Personally learned new things which help to develop new skills not just for project management but applicable in all fields of work and life.”, “I like the tools that are provided and for project management, they are very helpful”.