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Support Customer Success

An international consultancy firm set-up ‘Customer Success’ function as part of the delivery mechanism for a risk management application. ‘Customer Success’ is an approach (for SaaS not the initial ‘sell’ is the objective but the long term retention), a mindset (when the customer is successful, the supplier is successful) and a department (management and execution of customer success activities). An important part of Customer Success is ‘Customer Health’; how is the customer doing in regards to the SaaS). Joost developed a dashboard to give weekly insight of the Customer Health covering aspects as: customer interaction, financials, application usage, implementation new functionality and resulting issues. Customer health management is done by defining specific actions to sustain and where needed to improve Customer Health.

The Customer success director of the international consultancy firm (reference available on request)

‘We were on a journey to bring the concept of customer success to both our organization and our delivery of our SaaS platform. Joost played a big part in helping to establish the foundation of the function. I believe his affinity for delivery and customer satisfaction naturally allowed him to contribute and add value in building this foundation.  This is something you can count on with Joost, his focus on the customer and getting them to value.’

System configuration

In 2012, Advisaris, a consulting firm for coaching, training and interim management for long-term healthcare, faced the challenge to carry the paper files of their administration for Finance and CRM and their fragmented applications into the 21st century. At the time, it took them a month to present a financial report and relationship management was done per employee (not integrated). Marketing was done on an ad hoc basis.

Microsoft CRM and Exact online were selected and implemented and the employees were intensively included on this journey by means of a personal approach. Now the company has a continuous online insight into their financial situation and specific mailings are made several times a month on the basis of a file of more than 5,000 registered contacts.

Setting up a training institute

In 2008, Advisaris, a consulting firm for coaching, training and interim management for long-term healthcare, faced the challenge to make their ad-hoc training a professional one, so that they could independently provide open training sessions and undertake large-scale in-company training programmes.

Based on the experience gained with the educational branch of Quint Wellington Redwood we came up with a business plan and within a few months the training institute Dosaris was set up.

Quality print and digital material served as the basis for short training sessions and exercises during the training sessions quickly led to good results for all participants.

Good results in the first year (a turnover of € 300K and more than 1,000 participants in the training programmes) were proof of the effectiveness of this approach.

Andre Jansen, Trainer

‘With Joost on our side, we had a reliable, driven and expert partner who provided great added value to our organization.’