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Transformation underpinned by SaaS implementation (ServiceNow)

In 2021 a professional services firm started an enterprise service management transformation underpinned by ServiceNow. I was involved from start to finish in the implementation of ServiceNow, requiring from me more a business focus than (only) an IT focus.. As a project manager, I provided input for the completion of the business case (end of 2021), lead the set-up of the project and the full realization of the project up to and including transfer to the organization in May 2023. In addition to the modules that support the IT-processes, portfolio/program & project management, security and HR processes were also part of the project scope. The challenge in the project was mainly to clarify the current processes, to get the organization on board and to introduce project governance (including budget and business case management).

ServiceNow Product owner (references available on request)

‘Joost as our project manager continuously focused the project team on the agreed deliverables, hence meeting deadlines.’

Executive (references available on request)

‘Joost ensured that agreed targets were met and that changes in scope and budget were clearly communicated and agreed.’

Program management Setup project Management Office

In 2020 an international consultancy firm won the engagement for SOx controls testing for a multinational company for medical devices (customer). To support this engagement of 3 years, covering more than 10 countries and 3 parties (customer, supplier and auditor of the customer) a Project management office (PMO) was needed. Joost was asked to set-up the engagement structure and to orchestrate the support of the PMO. In a short period of a few weeks the PMO was operational.

Partner international consultancy firm (reference available on request)

‘Joost’s analytical approach, ability to understand a complex project environment and effective communication were the skills needed to get this large engagement organised and ready for successful execution.’

Programme management:

Digital Risk Platform

In 2017 an international consultancy firm embarked on the co-development of the Digital Risk Platform with an energy multinational. The programme to realize this consisted of 6 projects developing solutions (modules) for different risk area’s and 3 project focused on: learning, communications & change, technical integration and operating model. On average there were around 80 people involved from the consultancy company and 15 from the energy multinational. Programme management was done by a director of the consultancy firm together with Joost:  coordination of the 9 projects, aligning with senior management of the energy multinational and leading the programme management office. Joost joined as programme manager supporting the director late in 2017. That Joost is capable of managing a large international program is proven by the fact that he gradually became responsible for all the (day-to-day) programme management activities (taking over from the director) resulting in a successful completion of the program in December 2018.

Three project managers describe the added value as follows:

‘Joost is program manager that drives a program in a positive manner. He has an honest and transparent approach and delivers on the agreed actions. He clearly took away work from the me as a Project Manager in the area of PMO activities and advised in more difficult situations also on personal level, especially related to escalations within the customer environment.’

‘The arrival of Joost to the program brought structure, method and quiescence which was needed at that point in time. He is critical, inventive and approachable and knows how to make a program effective ensuring there is a basis for success.’

‘The structure which Joost is able to bring to a program in a short time frame does not only enable an organization to get and stay in control from a financial perspective, but also creates an environment of ‘peace and quiet’ as discussions can be conducted based on facts.’

References are available on request.

Programme management:

Digital workplace

In 2016, Ipse de Bruggen (IdB), a care institution for the mentally disabled and people with multiple disabilities in the province of Zuid-Holland, faced the challenge to realize a new digital workplace for all its 5,500 employees in both operational teams and the supporting services. Besides the fact that the digital workplaces had to be connected with the working methods of the employees, strategy targets also required that the digital workplace should be compliant with Microsoft’s new licensing structure. All this had to be realized in a first version before the 1st of January 2017. The approach consisted of a programme of projects that ‘ran alongside each other in time’ and by aligning the intended results at a specific point in time were made into a common final result. This approach ensured that we delivered an integrated result on time. It turned out to be the right approach because it delivered the desired results soon after the programme started in March.

Hanno Brandsema, ICT Manager at Ipse de Bruggen
Ad Jacobs, Director of Operations at the Trans
(former director of Finance & ICT at Ipse de Bruggen)

‘Joost is a highly motivated project manager who opts for a personal approach. He has a very positive attitude which is contagious. Joost quickly grasps the problem and converts it into a solid plan. He provides speedy clarity and he remains actively involved in the final result.’